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Alpha Cigar Co. Alpha Cigar Company Defuser Barrel Aged Cigar Claro Cigar Colorado Claro Defuser Defuser Barrel Aged Defuser Cigar Defuser claro Napa Valley Cigar

Alpha Cigar Co's earthy Defuser Claro blend on its own is perfect for pairing with beverages that contain a hint of sweetness such as port, sherry, or sherry-cask whiskeys. The blend is paired with Chocolate Absinthe to create the Absinthe Infused Claro series, which is a must-try. 

Using this highly pair-able cigar as a platform for further taste adventures, Alpha Cigar company has agreed to source used wine barrels from Napa valley to store and further age a batch of Defuser Claros exclusively for London Tobacconist, and they are now for sale on our store. 

Feel free to use our TIS THE SEASON discount at checkout for a 15% reduction in price! Happy Holidays!



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