Dictador Sampler Pack
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Dictador Sampler Pack

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-J.Nelson 1974 (One sample of Double Robusto 5.5".  One sample of Churchill 7")

Blend a single Cuban seed tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic with a trace of Colombian Viso leaf, finish with a dark, San Andres Maduro wrapper and you have this medium to full bodied masterpiece. This cigar offers a lovely sweetness in the first half of the smoke before releasing taste bud tingling spice to tantalize your senses and match perfectly to the Dictador premium rum selections.
-Dictador Pavo Real ( One sample of Half Corona 3.5", One sample of Grand Robusto 5")
This mild to medium bodied cigar is matched perfectly to Dictador Gin and also pairs very nicely with Dictador Coffee courtesy of the trace elements of Colombian tobacco blended with rich Dominican leaves. Rich in flavour with a hint of spice, this blend never overpowers and always allows it’s accompaniments to be the hero living up to it’s named heritage, the bird of many feathers. Hints of soft spice and cedar gently fill the palate offering a perfect balance between strength and complexity.
-Dictador Cigar XO 1913 ( One sample of  Double Robusto 5.5". One sample of Churchill 7")
The Dictador XO remains a highly guarded and secret blend, but is finished with a silky smooth Habano wrapper. With pre-light notes such as white pepper, hay, sweet cocoa and honey, the cigar remains almost fleeting throughout with occasional notes of sweetness and spice. A medium to full bodied cigar, the velvety texture of this smoke lends itself to be matched perfectly with Dictador XO Rum or a cognac.

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